About WTGN

Witnessing The Good News
WTGN can be heard at 97.7 FM in Lima, 98.7 FM in Findlay, and 105.1 FM in Kenton.

September 20, 1965: The Associated Christian Broadcasters of which Art Arthur, R. Stanley Tam, and Peter H. Courlas were officers and members of the governing board, filed an application with the F.C.C. for a new FM station to be operated on channel 249 with an effective radiated power of 3kw, and unlimited time, at Lima, Ohio.

September 27, 1966: WTGN signed on the air for the very first time. Broadcasting began that day at 8:54 a.m. Dale Mossma was the control board operator and Art Arthur made the opening remarks, reading from Psalm 36:9. When WTGN first signed on, we broadcast daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

August 20, 1968: WTGN began broadcasting 24 hours a day. We were the first 24 hour a day station in Lima.

December, 1972: We are now in stereo.

August, 1984: WTGN moves to its new studios at our present site at 1600 Elida Road.

December 2, 1986: WTGN become a secondary affiliate of the Moody Broadcasting Network.

July 21, 1990: The Findlay Translator is on the air!

July 16, 1991: We increase our power to 6,000 watts.

December 6, 1995: The Kenton Translator begins broadcasting.