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WTGN Programmers

Alistair Begg
You can hear Alistair on "Truth For Life."

Barbara Follis
Barbara is co-host of "Words To Live By."

Bernard Walton
Bernard is the best window washer in Odyssey.


Beth Moore
Beth is the host of "A Quick Word."

Bill Gaither
Join Bill and his Homecoming friends every Saturday and Sunday afternnons at 3:00 p.m.

Bill Houston
Bill is co-host of "Words To Live By" and "Sports Spectrum."


Bill Pearce
You can hear Bill late night Monday thru Friday on "Nightsounds."

Bob Lepine
Bob hosts the InContext program with bible teacher Dr. Michael Easley.

Brad Mattes
Brad is heard daily on "Life Issues."


C Harry Causey
Mr. Causey is the host of the weekly program, "Paslm 95."

Carl Miller
Carl is the announcer on "Grace To You."

Charles Morris
You can hear Charles Monday thru Friday on "Haven Today."


Chip Ingram
Chip is the host of Living On The Edge heard daily at 11:35 p.m.

Chris O'Brian
Chris is the announcer on "Back To Genesis" and "Science Scripture and Salvation."

Chuck Bentley
Chuck is the host of "My Money Life."


Chuck Colson
Chuck is heard daily on "Breakpoint."

Chuck Swindoll
You can hear Chuck daily on "Insights" and "Insight For Living."

Connie Kendall
Connie is a dedicated employee at Whit's End on "Adventures In Odyssey."


Dave Freelan
Listen to Dave weekly on "Sounds of Joy."

Dave Spiker
Dave is the announcer on "Insight For Living" and "The Alternative."

Dennis Rainey
Dennis is heard on "Real Family Life."


Dr. Adrian Rogers
The late Dr. Rogers is the speaker on "Love Worth Finding."

Dr. Bill Maier
Dr Maier is the host of "Focus On The family Weekend Magazine."

Dr. Billy Graham
Listen to Dr. Graham on "The Hour of Decision" and the "Decision Minute."


Dr. Charles Stanley
Dr. Stanley is the speaker on "In Touch."

Dr. David Jeremiah
Dr. Jeremiah can be heard daily on "Turning Point."

Dr. Erwin Lutzer
Dr. Lutzer can be heard on "Running To Win" and "Songs In The Night."


Dr. J. Vernon McGee
You can hear the late Dr. McGee on "Thru The Bible."

Dr. James Dobson
Dr. Dobson is the host of "Focus On The Family."

Dr. James McDonald
Join Dr. James McDonald for "Walk In The Word," Monday thru Friday at 11:04 p.m.


Dr. John MacArthur
Dr. MacArthur can be heard on "Grace To You."

Dr. John Morris
Dr. Morris is heard on "Back to Genesis and "Science, Scripture and Salvation."

Dr. Michael Easley
Dr. Easley is the bible teacher on InContext and Moody Presents.


Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Dr. Zacharias is the speaker on "Let My People Think."

Dr. Tony Evans
Dr Evans is the speaker on "The Alternative."

Dr. Woodrow Kroll
Dr. Kroll is the President of Back to The Bible and lead teacher on the broadcast.


Franklin Graham
You can hear Franklin Graham on "The Hour of Decision" and the "Decision Minute."

Gerry Caillouet
Hear Gerry weekly on "God's Great Outdoors."

Greg Wheatley
Greg is the host of Sounds of Majesty.


Greg Yoder
Greg is the host of "Mission Network News."

Jay Sekulow
You can hear Jay on "Law and Justice."

Jeff Klein
Jeff is heard on "Walk The Way" weekdays at 4:15 p.m.


John Avery Whittaker
Whit is the main character on "Adventures In Odyssey."

John Fuller
John Fuller is the co-host with Dr. James Dobson on "Focus on the Family."

John Hayden
John is the host of "Sunday Praise."


Joni Eareckson Tada
Joni is host of "Joni and Friends."

Karen Mortimer
Karen is the host of "Karen and Kids."

Ken Davis
Laugh along with Ken on "Lighten Up."


Kim Trobee
Kim is the host of "Family News In Focus."

Les Lamborn
Les is the co-host on "Words To Live By."

Lisa Ryan
Lisa is the co-host on "In Touch" with Dr. Charles Stanley.


Mark Early
Mark is heard on the Breakpoint program.

Max Lucado
Max is the speaker on "Upwards."

Max McLean
Max is the speaker on "Listen To the Bible."


Mike Kellogg
Mike is the host of "Music Thru The Night."

Mr. Nick
Mr Nick is the host of "We Kids."

Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Nancy is the host of "Revive Our Hearts."


Peggy Wehmeyer
Peggy is the host of "the World Vision Report."

Phyliis Schlafly
Listen to the Phyllis Schlafly Report weeknights at 7:02 p.m.

Ranger Bill
This is an old picture of Miron Canaday, who was the voice of Ranger Bill.


Roger Basick
Roger is the weekend host of "Music Thru The Night."

Ron Hutchcraft
Ron is heard on "A Word With You" weekdays at 4:55 p.m.

Roy Patterson
Roy is the host of the Saturday evening program, "Celebration of Praise."


Scott Thunder
Scott is host of Word and Worship Weekend. The program airs Saturday evenings at 9:00 p.m. The programs also re-airs on Thursdays at 1:05 p.m.

Steve Brown
Steve is the host of "Key Life."

Steve Douglass
Steve is heard on "The Lighthouse Report."


Tami Weissert
Tami is the co-host of Back To The Bible.

Tom Riley
Farmer Tom is heard frequently on "Adventures In Odyssey."

Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob is interviewing one of his furry friends. You can hear him on Storybook Room.